Newsletter subscription in E-commerce has the potential to capture customers’ attention using informational and product-focused content.

Magento 2 offers default feature to manage subscriptions for customers, cancel it, and even export the list that can be used for marketing purpose.

Respecting customers’ privacy, if they opt to cancel their subscription, as a store admin, you need to manage it timely and remove them from the subscription list.

The below method to manage newsletter subscriptions in Magento 2 store will guide you:

Managing Newsletter Subscriptions in Magento 2:

  1. Manage Newsletter Subscriptions for a customer:

      1. Login to admin panel
      2. Navigate to Customers > All Customers
      3. Open the customer is edit mode.
        Customer in Edit Mode
    1. Click the Newsletter in the left panel
    2. Select or clear the Subscriber to Newsletter checkbox.
      Newsletter Subscription Checkbox
    3. Save the customer.
  2. Cancel a subscription from the Newsletter Subscribers list:

    Cancel a subscription from the Newsletter Subscribers list

    1. Navigate to Marketing > Communications > Newsletter Subscribers
    2. Select the customers with status “Subscribed” for whom the subscription is to be cancelled
    3. Set the Action control to Unsubscribe
    4. Click Submit

    The status is now changed to “Unsubscribed”

    Status changed to Unsubscribed

  3. Export the list of subscribers:

    Newsletter subscriber grid

  1. In the Newsletter Subscribers grid, use the filter controls to include only records with a Status of Subscribed and for the appropriate website, store, or store view
  2. You can export to either CSV or XML
  3. Save the file

That’s it for Magento 2 newsletter subscription. Any doubts about managing subscriptions in Magento 2 can be mentioned in the Comments section below and I’d help you right away.

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Thank you.

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