oday’s tutorial explains how you can save form data to the custom table in Magento 2.

When you fill out details in a form and click on a Submit button, the data has to be stored in a table. To do that, you will need to create Submit.php file.

For instance, if you want to collect name, email addresses and telephone number of customers for sending newsletters, the data should be stored in a database. If the data is not stored in the database, we simply cannot access and send newsletters.

Learn the programmatic method as shown below:

Method to Save Form Data to the Custom Table in Magento 2:

Create a file app\code\Extension\Controller\Index\Submit.php

Implement the code and you will be able to save data in the database. As we have written the message “Data Saved Successfully” to display while submitting the data, the same message will appear when the data is being saved.

How to Save Form Data to the Custom Table in Magento 2

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