Every E-commerce store has a default page that can be accessed by the store’s base URL.  When a visitor reaches out to the website, and no other page is specified, the default page is shown on a website.

Also, to resolve an error of “Page Not Found”, the default pages are used. Generally, the home page of a website is the default page.

The admin can follow these steps to set default pages in Magento 2.

Method to Set Default Pages in Magento 2:

  1. Log in to Magento 2 Admin Panel
  2. Navigate to Store > Settings > Configuration
  3. Expand the General section and visit Web
  4. Expand the Default Pages section
    Method to Set Default Pages in Magento 2

    1. Default Web URL – Enter default value cms or any other value as per requirement
    2. CMS Home Page – Select Home Page of your Magento 2 website
    3. Default No-Route URL – The predefined value is “cms/index/noRoute”. Enter other value as per your requirement.
    4. CMS No Route Field – It appears when a “404 Not Found” error occurs.
    5. CMS No Cookies Page – It refers to the CMS page that is shown when cookies are disabled in the browser.
  5. Allow or Disallow Breadcrumbs (It appears at the top of all CMS as navigation)

5. Click on Save Config

That’s it.

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