How to Disable Checkout in Magento 2

October 8, 2020
By Cozmot

disable checkout in Magento 2 can be helpful when you want to allow customers to browse the site, check the products and its prices, add them to cart but restrict the checkout and place an order. You can have your own reasons to do so, be it issues in the inventory of products or shipping, etc. Also, if your product is still in the testing stage and you only want your customers to check demo but not yet purchase it, you can disable checkout. Or, if you opt for any third party checkout solutions for Magento 2 store, disabling the default Magento 2 one page checkout makes sense. Whatever it is, disabling checkout in Magento 2 is easy as shown here:

Steps to Disable Checkout in Magento 2:

Steps to Disable Checkout in Magento 2
  1. Login to Magento 2 admin panel
  2. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration
  3. Under Sales, select Checkout
  4. Expand Checkout Options section
  5. Set No in the Enable Onepage Checkout field to disable the checkout for existing customers.
  6. Click Save Config button
That’s it. If you have queries, feel free to ask in the Comment section below.  I would like to solve your problem. Don’t forget to share this post with Magento Community via Social Media. Thank you.]]>

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