How to Display Table Data in Magento 2

November 5, 2020
By Cozmot

previous tutorial, you learned how to save form data to the custom table. Continuing with the same, we will This tutorial demonstrates how to display table data in Magento 2. As we have already learned how to save data to the table, let us understand how to display the saved data. All the data which you have stored can be displayed on the frontend. To do that, we need to create action so that we can display data on the frontend. The given path is an example: 

Programmatic Method to Display Table Data in Magento 2

1. Create a controller Showdata.php at app\code\Cozmot\Extension\Controller\Index\ 2. Create extension_index_showdata.xml at app\code\Cozmot\Extension\view\frontend\layout\ 3. Create Showdata.php at app\code\Cozmot\Extension\Block\ 4. Create showdata.phtml file at app\code\Cozmot\Extension\view\frontend\templates\ After following these four steps, you will be able to display table data. How to Display Table Data in Magento 2 Done! If you have queries regarding this blog, feel free to ask in the Comment section below. I would be happy to help you. Consider sharing this post novice Magento developer. Thank you.]]>

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