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Cozmot Inc is specialised in E-commerce Web Solutions, CRM ( Facebook leads Management System ), Development and Branding. Here are some of our talents which we do best.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

As marketers, we know that search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary. It helps webpages rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). After all, 67% of all clicks go to the first five organic search results on Google.

So for traffic, SEO is a must.

But have you ever considered using SEO practices for, say, informing marketing decisions? Or creating networking opportunities?

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

With process of branding strategy we satisfy our clients with their business objectivs. We do Designing with user psychology techniques. Like Choose of colours, Sizes, images and Content which attract user to stay longer on website.

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What is Brand Strategy?

Brand strategy is a plan that encompasses specific, long-term goals that can be achieved with the evolution of a successful brand — the combined components of your company’s character that make it identifiable.

(We’ll get into that more in a bit.)

A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

First, let’s clear up the biggest misconception about brand strategy: Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name.

In fact, your brand is much more than that — it’s the stuff that feels intangible. But it’s that hard-to-pin-down feeling that separates powerhouse and mediocre brands from each other.

So to help you rein in what many marketers consider more of an art and less of a science, we’ve broken down seven essential components of a comprehensive brand strategy that will help keep your company around for ages.

Social Media Management

An intelligent social media strategy is vital for maintaining your brand identity. We believe in working closely with you to create a detailed strategy for each channel separately. We also understand the importance of scheduling your message. Our strategies will not only give you content in line with your brand at all touch points but also articulate your brand values at the right time with the right audience.

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Generate new and relevant content for you to boost your audience activity. We are brilliant when it comes to converting passive readers into ones that want to read you every day.

Audience Analytics

We believe that the key to your business success is through research and testing. Who, what, when, where, how are the big questions we ask and identify key areas for improvement.

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Search Engine Optimization

We help you navigate the path to conversion by striking the right balance between organic and paid channels that not only boosts your brand but also cuts down your costs. Our SEO/SEM strategies increase visibility on the search engine and funnel a more targeted traffic to the website.

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Copywriting & Strategy

Copywriting can make or break your business. Your skills, directly and indirectly, impact how well you communicate with your customers. Good writing brings out emotions, answers questions, and leads users toward the sale.

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Before you ever start writing, think about what stage of the customer journey your reader is most likely in:

  • Awareness stage: Customers in this stage are beginning to articulate symptoms of their problem: “I keep getting drenched on the way to work.” When you write copy for people in the awareness stage, use language that responds to their symptom.
  • Consideration stage: The customer has done some research. They have articulated their problem, “I need a new raincoat that is stylish and keeps me dry.” When you audience is in this stage, speak directly to the solution to their problem: “Our raincoats are stylish and guaranteed to keep you dry.” For buyer in this stage, consider adding a direct call to action: “Invest in a raincoat that will change your commute forever.”
  • Decision stage: The customer is making a final decision on whether to purchase or not. Testimonials, reviews, and case studies can help convert them to a final sale.

Now, with your customers’ journey in mind, here are 10 copywriting strategies to help you improve your writing skills and boost your conversion rates.

CRM & Facebook Leads integration

We believe automation should be easy, because everyone deserves to work smarter not harder.We believe automation should be easy, because everyone deserves to work smarter—not harder.

The Facebook lead ad app is useful for marketers who want to automate actions on their leads.



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  • Conduct sales meetings and presentations

    Conduct presentations and meetings from within your CRM. Organize webinars, convert attendees to leads, and get webinar reports, all within your CRM.

  • Stay ahead of the numbers

    Never lose track of sales and performance metrics, even while you are away. From dedicated mobile apps, to blended dashboards, our powerful AI tools ensure you are always ahead of the curve.

  • Collaborate with your team

    Collaborate with your team through common feeds. Share insights, answer each other’s questions, and send lead or deal updates to keep everyone on the same page.


Website Development

We have a specialized team with up-to- date knowledge of the latest Magento code. Our front-end and back-end developers are able to create bespoke Magento solutions which offer abundant opportunities for growth.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.

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